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on camera + acting + public speaking + video editing

Need a coach?

Are you getting serious about your craft and need advice on the business side of acting?


Need a brush up rehearsal for an upcoming audition for film or theater?

Want to be more confident on-camera as an actor, host, or persenter?

Would you like to work on your monologue or song, and build your audition book?

Do you need to polish your public speaking skills?

I love editing reels!


My years of experience in the industry, and as a casting director, I can teach you what directors are looking for in your reel

and at an audition. This can be incredibly helpful for an actor's process. In your video reel, I'll guide you in highlighting

your talents and skills, so you can present your best self.

Acting Reel


Dance Reel


Vocal Reel


Voice Over Demo


Contact me for more information

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